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PTA Fundraiser

How We Fundraise

For the 2019-2020 school year, Westland Elementary PTA can host one main fundraiser. Last year, we asked for direct donations, which was popular among Westland families (you can see the 2019 fundraiser survey results here). However, with direct donations, we raised about half of what we had raised in the previous three years selling chocolate bars. So, this year we are giving parents the option of selling chocolate bars and/or providing a direct donation to the PTA. Both options will earn prizes for your child. Direct donations may be eligible for company matching programs. The Westland Elementary PTA needs to raise approximately $30 per student per school year to support our budget. Many families cannot afford to donate this amount, and we understand that. If you can afford more, additional donations and support would be greatly appreciated. We love our amazing and supportive Westland community!





What the Funds Support

PTA-sponsored activities and events at Westland are funded by the annual fundraiser and the spirit nights at local restaurants (shown below). Every dollar raised, other than minimal administrative costs, is spent for Westland students, teachers, and staff.

Westland Elementary PTA 2019-2020 Planned Expenses
35% - Community Involvement / Parent, Staff, and Teacher Support
Book Fair, Bulletin Board, Holiday Boutique, Juice with Seuss, Room-Parent Appreciation, Spirit Activities and Business Partnerships, Staff Meals, Teacher Appreciation, Veterans' Day Parade28% - Student Development / Science, Culture, and the Arts Choir, Field Trips, Great Artist Program, Reading Incentives, Stem Night8% - Health and Safety
Family Night, Field Day, Kindness Week, Maturation Program, Red Ribbon Week, Safety Week

21% - Fundraiser and Box Top Prizes

8% - Administrative
Administrative Supplies, Insurance, Memberships Dues, Training Fees

Spirit Nights at Local Restaurants for 2019-2020

2nd Wednesday of the Month:

Other Opportunities to Donate to the PTA

Did you know that you can benefit Westland at no additional cost to you? We are registered with these companies to receive funds from them in appreciation of your business. Use these ways to support Westland Elementary PTA every day!

Non-PTA Fundraisers at Westland Elementary School

  • The Candy-gram Valentine donations support the School Community Council (SCC).
  • The Kids Heart Challenge donations support the American Heart Association.
  • Several Westland teachers have projects on

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